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Haven Beauty Rooms
Tel: 01625 524544

75 Wilmslow Road



Effective body treatments to suit all ailments and skin types and giving the whole body a luxurious feel...go home feeling refreshed energised and pampered.

COCOA ,COCONUT INDULGENT Treatment - £80   (60 mins)
An exquisite Indulgent pampered chocolate facial and neck shoulder and back massage ...filled with cocoa,kiwi, Shea butter and vitamin e , a true treat .
SUNESCAPE Body Balance - £100    (120 mins)
A totally de-stressing and extra indulgent experience that leaves your skin gorgeously soft, glowing and smelling of EXOTIC TROPICS..Mineral-rich sea salts buff away dead, dull skin whilst  KIWI, AVOCADO and olive oils keep your skin soft and nourished. A deeply relaxing top to toe massage follows, together with some carefully chosen tsubo point pressure, using EXOTIC NUT OILS AND JOJOBA  oil to heal, soothe and reduce tension held in the body. Finally, body cream  full of coconut and lime is applied all over, leaving your skin silky smooth, revitalised and with a total feeling of wellbeing.
INSTANT Body Scrub - £48   (60 mins)
This treatment will have you feeling energised and toned.Firstly we will dry body brush stimulate the lymphatic system to help remove toxins.Your skin is then thoroughly exfoliated using a INSTANT natural body scrub to enhance cell renewal and replenish skin. Finally, body cream from SUNESCAPE is smoothed all over your body.

INSTANT Leg and Foot Revival Treatment - £30 (30 mins)
A reviving treatment for legs, ankles and feet. Perfect as a pre- or post-party treat. Feet and legs are smoothed and buffed with a scrub, before a draining and detoxifying massage is performed, helping to energise and tone the skin as well as reduce the appearance of orange peel and cellulite on thighs and buttocks. Fantastic for swollen and painful legs. Enjoy as a stand-alone or as an extension to a pedicure or facial treatment.
INSTANT KIWI De-Stress Arm and Hand Treatment - £30 (30 mins)
Give your hard-working hands and arms a well deserved treat. After a skin-smoothing KIWI AND PASSSION FLOWER INFUSION  bath soak and deeply relaxing scalp massage, tension held in palms, wrists and arms is pummelled away with guerande salts, then body cream is applied. Skin is smooth, nourished and glowing and you emerge with a renewed sense of wellbeing. Enjoy as a stand-alone or as an extension to a manicure or facial treatment.