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Lets Go Lashes

Lets Go Lashes is the next big thing in the Lash Extension world with three different ways for you to achieve that wide eyed, glamourous look!

Strip Lashes - From £8-12
Replicate the celebrity look with Lets Go innovative strip lashes.  Fast and Easy to apply, its no wonder strip lashes are more popular than ever.  There are over 40 different styles to choose from with many of them in stock at the salon for you to take away today.  The lashes all come with their own glue and are resuable.  Take them home and apply yourself for just £8 or have them applied in the salon for £12.

Cluster Lashes - £25
Cluster lash application creates a fuller look, softer touch and lighter lid which lasts up to a week.  These are achieved by weaving and adhering individual lashes in clusters into your own natural lashes.  Professional removal is required after one week (removal is free of charge)

Express Individual Lashes - From £40
Individual lashes are woven and adhered into your own natural lashes to create a bespoke look that suits the occaision - various lengths, thicknesses and coloured lashes are used to create the look that is right for you.  Natural sets start at £40, a more glamourous look incorporating additional layers.  Lashes last for up to two weeks and must be professional removed (removal is free of charge)

 ALSO NOW AT HAVEN ..... Semi-Permanent  silk lashes from America - £70 with free infill.      

Amazing beautiful Individual silk lashes are the next  best thing to a long looking natural lash that's easier to care for than the express individual lash ...  applied to every lash precisely to give optimum length and volume to create an individual look with beautiful results that leaves you feeling like your lashes are longer, more natural looking and lasts up to 6 weeks (with care and attention). FREE infill with these lashes ... Must be taken 2-3 weeks after application.

Removal price to be arranged.