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Haven Beauty Rooms
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Botox / Vistable and Fillers

Our medical services are performed by a fully qualified RGN nurse from The Cheshire Image Clinic who attends Haven Beauty Rooms regularly to offer our clients a full range of aesthetic medical treatments, these include Botox ® (which has now been rebranded as Vistabel ®), fillers, chemical peels and sclerotherapy.

Botox / Vistabel
Botox (now known as Vistabel) is a natural protein which softens lines and wrinkles, mainly in the upper third of face. It will also provide lift and improve the tonicity of the skin.  Vistabel treatments generally become effective within 3 to 14 days.  Some patients may also require treatment with a Filler for best results.  Vistabel may also be used very effectively to reduce excessive underarm sweating.  The nurse will provide a quote during an initial consultation.

Derma Fillers
Derma Fillers are natural proteins that act as a cushion to gently lift out lines and wrinkles, helping to restore the skin to its youthful appearance.  Derma Fillers can also be used for lip enhancement to create a more full appearance and improve symmetry.  Patients for whom collagen is the treatment of choice, a patch test one month prior to treatment may be required.

Chemical Peels
Chemical peeling is often used as a treatment for skin rejuvenation and to correct specific problem areas such as pigmentation, acne scarring and fine lines.  The nurse will provide a quote during an initial consultation.

Sclerotherapy is a safe, well documented and effective medical technique to eliminate thread veins.  The treatment involves small precise injections into tiny thread veins.  This closes the blood vessel which is then absorbed by the body over a period of time and flowing a number of treatments.  The nurse will advise on the number of treatments required and provide a quote during an initial consultation.

Please give us a call or pop in to arrange a consultation with our Nurse Janine..

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