PAYOT   Beauty in motion

PAYOT facials are the ultimate pamper treatment.  They tone and lift the underlying muscles in the face releasing tension focusing on lymph drainage and helping you to achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy skin, developed  from the 42 movement massage technique .

PAYOT facial skincare range is formulated using the most advanced natural skincare technology, from France, the first female doctor Nadia Payot who introduced facial massage and movement techniques and with her expertise in herbal and natural plant extracts derived the PAYOT BRAND .

With only using 100% natural ingredients they have developed over the years treatments that respond to real beauty issues.

No brand can match the luxurious moisture content in each product, and within this, works well on the most sensitive of skins.

A combined facial to resurface, renew and re-energise tired, dull and stressed skin. Infusing high water content to help moisturise all skin types.

An energising radiance boosting facial designed to enhance naturally happy, healthy skin.  This facial will be tailored to your skin type selecting the right products for you.

What’s Not To Love Express Facial - PAYOT  £26.  (25 mins)
An express facial for maximum results in minimum time.  For all skin types.

The ultimate pamper indulgence facial using only Payot products and massage technique.